Tanzania awaits you

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Average Temperature:

Temperatures range:
10º - 30º

Dry Season:
From June to October

Wet Season:
From November to May

Tanzania is legendary

Adventure, beauty an exoticism

The Great Rift Valley, Lake Victoria, Livingstone and Stanley, Mount Kilimanjaro, the island of Zanzibar, the Maasai warriors, Serengeti, Hemingway, safaris and the Ngorongoro crater… All of these names sound history, legends, mythical journeys which continue to fascinate whole generations.

The marvels that bring together adventure, beauty, a taste for the exotic and which are in Tanzania for those who dare to reach them.

Tanzania is nature

The paradise on earth

Paradise on Earth. A quarter of the country is a natural protected area and gives home to the largest concentration of wildlife left on the planet: 320 types of mammals, 1.200 species of birds and 10.000 varieties of plants.

Wildebeest, antelopes and zebras which make the grasslands resound.  Hippopotamus fighting to find a space in the muddy river beds.  Elephants that wander along the migratory routes.  Birds that feed directly in the mouth of the buffalo.  Chimpanzees which scream and jump in the trees whilst crocodiles pretend to sleep and watching them from the water.  Silhouettes of giraffes and baobabs outlined on the horizon.  Lions defiantly crossing in front of the jeep.

And also, one of the greatest spectacles of nature, the Great Migration, a cyclical movement in which more than a million and a half of wildebeests and other herbivore (accompanied by their depredators) move hundreds of kilometres in search of fresh pastures and water.

The big prize is that, during your journey, you can see the “Big Five”, that is, lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhinoceros.

The wildlife in Tanzania includes

types of mammals
bird species
Species of plants

Tanzania is culture

Kindness, education and hospitality

Wherever you go you’ll find fascinating people, tribes and ethnic groups.  The Maasais with their red capes, the Barabaig with their traditional dances and nomadic life, the Mandoke great wood carvers.  All of them have in common friendliness, education and above all hospitality.

Tanzania is all of this and much more

Tanzania has beaches and sea.  The Indian Ocean with its quiet villages and Swahili fishermen and its golden sands or Zanzibar with its Portuguese and Arab remains.

For this and for much more, its political stability, its safety and lesser touristic exploitation (in comparison with Kenya), Tanzania is considered by visitors and tour operators as the best destination of the continent, it’s still authentic and wild.

And it awaits you.