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At Tanganyika Wilderness Camps we currently have a collection of unique properties chosen the length and breadth of the Tanzanian geography for their exceptional surroundings.

Not only have our lodges been conceived to offer the maximum comfort but also our mobile camps.  With the exact amount of luxury and comfort so as not to diminish the sensation of adventure to the experience.

Our safaris have also been carefully designed to meet the conditions, in a concrete number of days and selected experiences, the essence of Tanzania in its different aspects.  And, above all, so that you don’t leave with the sensation of having left something to see or live.

  • The Best of Tanganyika
  • The Best of Tanganyika (Regular Departure)
  • FlySafari Tanganyika
  • At the foots of Kilimanjaro
  • Kilimanjaro Sinya and Elerai
  • “Fupi” Safari
  • The Great Migration

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City Boutique Hotel

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African hospitality – Spanish passion

Willy Chambulo

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The Tanganyika Wilderness Camps Foundation

The TANGANYIKA WILDERNESS CAMPS FOUNDATION is our independent non-profit organization which supports different projects to improve the living conditions of the local population through sanitation and education.