The Great Migration

The Biggest Show On The Planet


Live it in its entire intensity with our Mobile Camps

Every month of May, in a circular pattern which is repeated without fail since the world is world, two million and a half of herbivores, mostly wildebeest, accompanied by antelopes and zebras, commence a journey of several months from the grasslands in the south of Serengeti to the Masai Mara reserve in the north.

Phead, 800 kilometres of plains and forests to cover where leopards, lions and hyenas lie in wait and rivers to cross infested with crocodiles. No matter, the enormous column of animals will advance, untiring and unstoppable.

And the best way to enjoy this incredible sight are at our mobile camps, which are moved along the route and the cycle so as to be at the heart of the spectacle at all times.

South Serengeti

The wildebeest graze scattered out over the enormous grasslands of south Serengeti, where half a million of offspring are born in a period of three weeks. Nearly half of them will not survive this adventure.

North Serengeti

As soon as the rainy season finalises the animals form large herds and begin to move northeast, to the area of the river Grumeti, where they wait for the best moment to cross because the grass on this side is beginning to dry up.

Close to the river Grumeti

The high point of the migration: the large herds gather with fear and urgency on the banks of the river Grumeti. The animals, pursued by depredators, face the river and its crocodiles until all of them cross it, in the space of one week.

Masai Mara

The column of animals covers the last 64 kilometres crossing the frontier with Kenya until it arrives at the Masai Mara reserve, where fresh pastures await and where they graze until the end of the dry season.

South Serengeti

With the first rains with their young stronger, the herds commence their way back south on a return journey of a month towards the grasslands where everything commenced.


Following the trail to live a unique experience

Our exclusive Mobile Camps offer all the comforts and services of high level accommodation but with the advantages that the sites are not permanent.

The camps are designed to be moved so as not to lose comfort, privacy nor safety. That way our guests will always be close to the migration corresponding to the time of the year.

Large tents with en-suite bathrooms, comfortable large beds and wardrobes, windows with mosquito nets, solar energy lighting, plugs, spacious communal areas such as the dining room tent or the rest tent, all the necessary to make guests feel at home in the heart of the savannah.

Special lodgings in excepcional sceneries